Seasoned Professionals!

Douglas Swinhart (the voice of WCCO Tech Talk Talk) and Sandy Sailer ( are seasoned experts in web design, programming and hosting solutions.  We are able to perfect the design and production of your website to promote specific branding for your business.

Having a combined 40+ years experience we know what works on the eye and we know how to implement each design in order to gain maximum search engine results.

There are countless theories about site design from aesthetics to structural programming and search engine optimisation. We utilize our vast experience and apply the appropriate visuals that suit your business to create coding that is effective for search engine optimisation that ultimately delivers a fresh and unique visual experience.

A website must be created to make its use simple yet captivating for first time as well as repeat visitors. No hidden menus, obtrusively coloured or undersized text, just straight forward, simple and clear navigation with prominent clean and concise buttons.

However good your site looks or functions, it is a completely useless tool if nobody accesses it. We have various search engine optimisation techniques and levels of campaign that will improve the visibility of your site in the search engine results.

Many elements go into a successful Web site production; we combine those elements into sensory, conceptual, and reactive aspects. That is, design isn't only what you see, it's also what you think and feel as you navigate a Web site.

Lots of website design companies can provide "cool web designs" and website design services - but for a high price; often charging several thousands of dollars just for their website designs. There are also many companies that offer cheap web design - but the quality of the design and or programming and or hosting is usually poor.

We are different;  We're local - We're your neighbors!  We have all the necessary web developement skills and due to our unusually low overhead, we keep our prices extremely competitive!

We design and create high quality sites using a wide variety of today's technologies. We make your ideas become reality. Whether it's graphical, interactive, e-commerce based, or informative, we have the technology and the skills to produce your site. We will work closely with you to provide the best possible portal for your business image to the world.

There isn't a fixed website design price and as you might expect, costs vary according to the size and scope of each project. We develop unique website solutions to increase efficiency and gain a competitive advantage for our clientele by enabling web technologies for their businesses while working within a predetermined budget.